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“There are often reports on health matters which lack accuracy and credibility and which just instill panic in people”

WHO country office representative talks to the Yemen Times

Published on 15 April 2014 by Ali Abulohoom in Interview

The continued instability in Yemen has seriously affected an already fraught health situation. In a country grappling with multiple health crises, the World Health Organization (WHO) has been working for over 60 years to provide technical assistance for public health, strengthen health services and help fight epidemic diseases.

Head of the Aba’d Center speaks to the Yemen Times

Published on 18 March 2014 by Mohammed Al-Hassani in Interview

The United Nations Security Council adopted a resolution on Feb. 26, 2013, stipulating the formation of a committee to blacklist and impose sanctions on those attempting to derail the political transition in Yemen.

“We consider Yemen LNG to be a great project for Yemen. We at Total are proud to have strongly contributed to its success.”

Managing Director of Total E & P Yemen and Total Representative in Yemen Elias Kassis speaks to the Yemen Times

Published on 11 March 2014 by Nadia Al-Sakkaf in Interview

Elias Kassis is Managing Director of Total E & P Yemen and Chief Representative of Total Group in Yemen. Kassis started his work in Yemen on September 1, 2013. Before coming to Yemen, he worked as Managing Director of Total E&P Malaysia and Total E&P Iraq. Earlier, he worked as Vice President of Total’s Middle East Division and Vice President in the Americas Division.

What’s next for Yemen?

Published on 4 March 2014 by Mohammed Al-Hassani in Interview

The transitional period and President Hadi’s term should have ended by now, according to the Gulf Initiative. But is Yemen making progress along the right path? What are the expected scenarios for the upcoming phase? What are the possible opportunities to overcome the problems currently faced by President Hadi and his government?

In an interview with the Yemen Times, Loai Abass Ghaleb, a journalist and political activist, discussed the transition and what is up next for Yemen.

“Adults made a conscious decision to take the risk. It was harder to face the fact that kids were injured and killed,” said Sara Ishaq, the director of the film.

Behind the scenes: Karama Has No Walls

Published on 2 March 2014 by Rawan Shaif in Interview

The importance of film within our society is one that is often neglected. Whether due to social or political implications, we have come to turn a blind eye to a modest medium in which stories are lived through experience and not just simply told. However, as of late, creativity has bloomed. Yemen has begun to endeavor in a story of its own, with its youth of writers, photographers, designers and filmmakers liberating the arts.

“I think that people experienced a state of uncertainty on [Feb. 11] because each group gathered its supporters for different purposes...”

Published on 20 February 2014 by Mohammed Al-Hasani in Interview

Yemenis nationwide last week celebrated the 3rd anniversary of the Feb. 11, 2011 youth revolution. Some youth think that the revolution was a success and that it has created an atmosphere of optimism. Others say that the revolution has not ended—that none of its aims have been achieved.

Yahia Al-Sulaihi

“We are mistreated by society [in general]…people should reevaluate their attitudes toward us instead of assuming the worst about us.”

Published on 18 February 2014 by Mohammed Al-Hassani in Interview

Their status in society is reflected in the name they have chosen to go by, the Muhamasheen, or the Marginalized. In an interview with the Yemen Times, Yahia Al-Sulaihi  speaks about the stereotypes about the Muhamasheen and political prospects for rights and integration for the community. “Unfortunately, although we are a part of Yemeni society, we did not have any representation at the NDC,” Al-Sulaihi said.

(Photo courtesy of Bushra Al-Maqtari)

“The revolution is the pen, the revolution is the change”

Published on 13 February 2014 by Samar Qaed in Interview

Bushra Al-Maqtari, a leading revolutionary figure from Taiz’s Freedom Square, was one of those who first took to the streets in protest against the regime of former president Ali Abdulla Saleh.

Ali Al-Bukhaiti—spokesperson for the political wing of the Houthis, Ansar Allah

Houthi spokesperson talks to the Yemen Times:

Published on 6 February 2014 by Mohammed Al-Hassani in Interview

In an interview with the Yemen Times, Ali Al-Bukhaiti—spokesperson for the political wing of the Houthis, Ansar Allah, discusses the assassination of Dr. Ahmed Sharaf Al-Deen and denies that his party had any involvement.

“Turkey has the ability to share its own experiences with Yemen because unlike countries that also have support to offer, I believe that we are the country best positioned to help because of our history, which is very similar to Yemen’s history”

Turkish Ambassador Fazli Corman: “Now is the time for Yemen to do some privatization”

Published on 4 February 2014 by Nadia Al-Sakkaf in Interview

Within just one week of his posting to Yemen, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries’ initiative was signed on November 23, 2011. Ambassador Fazli Çorman said he decided to do everything in his power to help Yemen take advantage of what he calls a “historic niche.”