Activities In Lehaj [Archives:1997/39/Sports]

September 29 1997

In coincidence with the festivals of the September/October Revolution, Lehaj governorate has held a number of sports activities in soccer, matching and athletics. All the clubs participated in the activities rejoicing the festivals of the revolution. Taiz: a Bright Start for The Military Sports The military sports Association in Taiz organized various athletic activities in the governorate under the patronage of the governor Ahmad Al Hijri and Dr. Rashad Al Uleimi security director of the governorate. The festival started with a parade covering various activities such as Tekwandu, karate, and fighting parades and all showed skills. A tag-of-war was also held among the various military units. At the end medals and prizes were distributed among the winners. In Basketball Tournament- Al-Tilal Club Defeats Al-Mukalla For the second time Al Tilal is exposed to defeating and this comes due to weakness of physical training and weakness in body building. Al Mukalla played according to the strategy man to man facing and was able to score 12/0. Then there was a draw 21/21. The first half of the match ended 24/21 for Al Tilal. In the second half of the match, Al Tilal continued its advance through changing the method of manaevering to end up the match scoring 58/47.

Yemen Times Finances Taekwondo Championship

Taiz governorate will witness a championship of Taekwondo at the beginning of October being financed by YEMEN TIMES in cooperation with Taekwondo Branch in the governorate. The sports editor in the paper will organize/supervise this activity in Taiz. Such kind of sports attracts a great number of people to see the art which is paraded. The international trainer Mohammad Is-haq will be resposible for training and managing the game.