1.5 Tons of Drugs Seized in Aden [Archives:2001/45/Front Page]

November 5 2001

People suspected of carrying out bombings during the President’s participation in the 38th anniversary of the October Revolution in Aden have been arrested, official sources said. They added that the place where the explosives, “two pieces of T.N.T,” were prepared, as well as the newsshop where the explosives were kept before the operation had been identified. However, the sources have not disclosed names of the bombers and their motives. Some sources believe bombers are elements of the Aden-Abyan Islamic Army which the government claims to no longer exists.
At another level, official sources said that police in Aden have arrested a group of people charged with attempting to smuggle a shipment of 1.5 tons of drugs to Saudi Arabia via Yemeni borders. The sources added that six suspects were being interrogated. The shipment was brought in a container on a Singaporean vessel form Pakistan to Dubai and then to Aden. They said the container was brought up under the name of a phantom company in Aden, adding that raw material was imported from Afghanistan at the cost of about $ 1 billion.
The shipment has been transferred to Sana’a, and among the arrests are owners of the company.