$100 million Dutch Grant for Water [Archives:2000/45/Local News]

November 6 2000

Government of the Netherlands has granted $100 million for supporting Water and Environment Center in Sanaa University and to qualify the national cadre. The objective is to raise and develop an active mechanism to organize making use of water resources and to face water pollution in water basins in different parts of Yemen.
This comes after a workshop on water and environment was held Saturday in Sanaa University in cooperation with the International Water Center in Holland and supported by the Embassy of Netherlands in Yemen.
Planning and Developing Minister Sufan, indicated the dangers posed to coming generations due to the severe shortage in water in Yemen. He pointed out that the individuals share of water does not exceed 80m3 against 7000m3 the individuals share in other countries.
Japan is another donor country supporting water. Cooperation started in 1977 in terms of providing Yemen with easy loans mounting to 3,800 million to carry out some big water projects. Since 1981, Japan has started providing Yemen with grants reaching to 12 and costing 6,489 million to implement different water projects on 69 sites in Sanaa, Mareb, Hodeidah, Dhamar, Ibb, Taiz, Hajah, Mahweet, Abyan and Hadramout. The last two projects in al-Sadarah and Northern al-Raydah in Hadramout are expected to be opened this year costing approximately 1 billion for the benefit of 35,000 citizens residing in 31 villages.