1000 issues with many more to come [Archives:2006/1000/Viewpoint]

November 20 2006

With this issue, the Yemen Times marks 1000 issues. We started as a Wednesday weekly in 1991 and, proudly, we are now bi-weekly and since inception the Yemen Times was issued nonstop through thick and thin. On this occasion, I found it most suitable to reiterate Yemen Times mission through the words of its founder in the very first editorial.

Introducing the Yemen Times

This is the first issue of the Yemen Times. Therefore, it is with pleasure that I use this editorial to introduce it to the reader.

The Yemen Times is an independent weekly newspaper not attached to any political party or thought. As such it stands vis-a-vis the various local, regional, and international issues is determined on the basis of an objective assessment of the merits and demerits involved. The paper aims to reach out to a large base of readers especially amongst the intellectual classes, the decision makers, the business sector and the international community.

Nevertheless, the paper covers with interest and commitment two categories of activities, which are:

1. Economic/ Business Activities:

Yemen Times will provide a detailed coverage of economic and business activities in Yemen, and a synopsis of important regional and international issues in this sector. Major emphasis will be placed on trade, investments, economic laws, tenders, and market-watch aspects in price levels, consumption, interest rates, exchange rates, etc. in general, government and private-sector efforts in the country's socio-economic development process will be extensively covered.

2. Democracy and Human Rights:

Yemen Times believes that the prosperity and strength of nations, if at least in the long run, will depend on democratic values and the observation of human rights. In the absences of those two basic elements in society, it is doubtful that much can be achieved. Therefore, the paper will closely follow those two issues as reflected in Yemeni life. Much has been achieved in both accounts in the recent past, and much more remain to be achieved.

The paper will heavily depend on primary sources of information; i.e., interviews, polls, field surveys, and contributions and feedback from our readers.

Yet, the paper will also provide information from secondary sources, especially through the weekly summery round up of the local press. All in all, Yemen Times hopes to be informative and analytic in nature. All members of the paper promise to make a sincere effort to serve our readership, and all of us will appreciate an active participation and feed-back. Till next Wednesday, take care!