10th of December a National Day in Yemen [Archives:1998/49/Local News]

December 7 1998

Dr. Abdul-Karim Al-Iryani, Prime Minister, announced his government’s decision to consider the 10th of December of every year, as a “National Day” in Yemen. “This decision reflects our commitment to the principles of human rights,” he said.
Mr. Iryani, who was speaking at the opening session of a 3-day seminar on “The Right of Women to Work” organized by the Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training in collaboration with the Supreme National Human Rights Committee on Sunday, December 6th, cautioned against over-ambitious demands. “Our demands steps and steps have to be realistic,” he added.
Speaking on the same occasion, Mr. Mohammed Al-Tayyeb, Minister of Labor and Vocational Training, stressed his ministry’s commitment to empower women in the labor market. “We shall do everything we can to ensure equal opportunity employment in the labor market,” he said.

Ms. Amatal-Aleem Al-Sususuwa, Deputy Minister of Information and Chairman of the National Women’s Committee, stressed that no society can really develop if half of its labor force faces difficulties in contributing to the community’s development. “On paper and verbally, we do announce our commitment for the female cause. In reality, much still needs to be done,” she said. She also pointed out that more than 87% of the female labor force works in the traditional agriculture sector, without financial remuneration. “Career women in the modern sector are few.”Mr. Abdul-Qader Ba-Jammal, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Chairman of the National Supreme Human Rights Committee, re-affirmed the country’s commitment to full respect of human rights.
The seminar will continue for three days, and is expected to spell out recommendations.