111 entrepreneurial projects implemented in Aden Free Zone [Archives:2005/895/Local News]

November 17 2005

ADEN- Nov. 12- According to sources in the Aden Free Zone Administration, almost 111 entrepreneurial & business projects have been established in the free zone since January 2000.

Most of the projects have been implemented in the areas of services, tourism, storing, housing, trade and services with a total capital of US$ 384,379,879, within which industry-related projects topped the list of projects counting for 28 projects at a capital cost of $ 153 million and 274 thousand.

Nevertheless, there are 7 housing projects at a total cost of over 116 million and 642 thousand US dollars, 10 tourism projects with a cost of 64 million dollars and 14 trade projects at a cost of 15.6 million dollars while 29.1 million dollars is the cost of 10 storing projects, while projects related to services numbered up to 42 at a cost of 5 million, 694 thousand and 727 dollars.

The source clarified that the just said projects, which were granted to a number of Yemeni investors and investment companies from the brotherly and friendly countries, created around 8190 job opportunities.