13 Yemeni suspects given to officials in Morocco and YemenIran returns al-Qaeda suspects [Archives:2003/683/Front Page]

November 6 2003

Mohammed bin Sallam
Sana’a, Nov 4 – About 150 people suspected of having links to al-Qaeda, who fled Afghanistan to Iran, have been sent back to their home countries, including Yemen.
Media reports suggest 13 Yemenis are among those suspected of having links to the al-Qaeda network. Six were handed to the Yemeni authorities last February. The other seven suspects were handed to the Moroccan authorities.
The latter detainees were handed over in a response made by the Moroccan authorities, due to their involvement with terror operations.
The Iranian Embassy, however, denies the reports.
One Iranian embassy spokesman told the Yemen Times that the stance of the Iranian authorities has been clear, that it insists that detainees with links to al-Qaeda have to be handed over to their original countries, not to any other countries.
“An urgent letter has been dispatched by the embassy to the Iranian foreign ministry informing of what has been published recently by some local and international papers, and demanded for an immediate reply,” the spokesman told the Yemen Times.
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The list also include, 35 Pakistanis, 29 Saudis, 12 Jordanians, 6 Moroccans, 6 Tunisians, 7 Somalis, 3 from Afghanistan, 1 Syrian, 1 Austrian and 34 of unknown identities.
The following Yemeni al-Qaeda suspects have been handed over to Yemen officials:
– Khaled Omar Saeed Omar
– Ashraf Abduh Saeed Ghanem Saleh al-Maqtari
– Ashraf Abdulqareem Abdullah Saleh al-Waihaish
– Mousa Ahmed Jaberi
– Najeeb Mohammed Ali Mohammed al-Hejri
– Mofeed Faisal Ahmed Abduljaleel Farae
The following Yemeni al-Qaeda suspects were handed over to the Moroccan authorities, according to media reports.
– Saleh Saeed Masjedi
– Fatema Subait
– Mohammed Saleh Saeed Masjedi
– Saeed Saleh Saeed Masjedi
– Nesbah Saleh Saeed Masjedi
– Hamzah Saleh Saeed Masjedi
– Abdulrahman Saleh Masjedi
Most of those who had been handed over to the Moroccan authorities come from one family.