1300 juveniles committed crimes last year [Archives:2004/709/Local News]

February 5 2004

The annual statistics issued by security authorities at the ministry of interior lately revealed the number of crimes committed by juveniles during the year 2003 in various governorates of the country .
The statistics prepared by security bodies of the ministry of interior mentioned that 898 juveniles had perpetrated serious crimes including intentional killing in which 45 children between 14-17 years old got involved. The crimes of purposeful serious harming perpetrated by juveniles last year were the more apparent the perpetrators of them amounted to 190 juveniles, next to it came the crimes of burglaries . The statistics clarified that 321 juveniles had committed crimes that are not categorized as serious and the number of juveniles that were victims of those crimes amounted to 394. These figures contained in the statistics reflect the crimes that the juveniles had role in them whether they were perpetrators or victims.