$137 million, volume of balance of trade, Yemen & Indonesia, serious steps towards partnership [Archives:2003/668/Business & Economy]

September 15 2003

Yemen and Indonesia are endeavoring to enhance their economic and trade relations in the light of the results of the Indonesian vice president Dr Hamza Haz ‘s visit to Yemen. The Indonesian vice president was accompanied by a big delegation comprising large number of businessmen and investors. The visiting Indonesian delegation had closely got acquainted with investment opportunities in Yemen in vital fields.
Dr Haz visit to Yemen has given momentum to pushing bilateral relations in various areas in addition to the convening of the second forum of Yemeni and Indonesian businessmen. The forum discussed chances for establishment of partnership and cooperation between the two sides in economic and trade areas.
The Indonesian Charge d’Affaires to Sana’a Sumargo Ali Margono said the two countries had a joint willingness for consolidation of relations and expansion of cooperation fields in various aspects.
Economic and trade relations between Yemen and Indonesia have in the recent period witnessed remarkable growth in the volume of the exchange of trade between Jakarta and Sana’a. Figures indicate that the volume of trade exchange in the last year had risen to $137 million compared to $75 million in 2000.
The value of Indonesian exports to Yemen had in 2002 registered around $ 82 million, that is a drop by 7.5% compared to 2001. On the other hand the value of Yemen exports to Indonesia in 2002 increased remarkable to amount to about $55 million in comparison with the year 2001 the year 2001 that amounted to merely $ one million.