14 dead in fiery car accident in Taiz [Archives:2007/1023/Local News]

February 8 2007

TAIZ, Feb. 10 ) A traffic accident on the road between Taiz and Hodeidah claimed the lives of 14 people and injured six.

Colonel Yahya Zaher, Head of Taiz Traffic Department, said the accident occurred in an isolated place and at a time when there was hardly any traffic. The accident is attributed to reckless driving and lack of concentration.

Other factors added to the gravity of the accident, such as petrol materials on top of one of the cars and high winds, which helped spread the fire in the cars.

Police, civil defense and traffic officials, together with civilians in Al-Barah and Al-Makha participated in putting out the fire, pulling out burnt corpses and rushing the injured to nearby hospitals.

The total number of accidents registered in Taiz governorate during 2006 was more than 1900, killing more than 364 and injuring 2190 others, mostly critical.

The entire country had 15,000 traffic accident-related casualties in 2006.