14-year anniversaryYemen Times celebrates [Archives:2005/822/Community]

March 7 2005

Yasser Mohammed Al-Mayyasi
Consider freedom of press and opinion, intellectual awakening, and transparency in dealing with various issues; consider the defender of freedoms and human rights, and we can look at The Yemen Times and its goals.

This establishment that has been representing genuine journalism for 14 years attributes its success to its founder Prof. Abdulaziz al-Saqqaf (1951-1999), who started in a small building, and made it a huge establishment.

Celebrating the 14th anniversary of the newspaper, we acknowledge it has been able to lay at last a solid foundation to have a free and independent media in the Arab region, a part of the world that still doubts the existence of the free and independent media.

The Yemen Times is not just a newspaper to be printed and sold; rather it reflects the views of a well-cultured slice in Yemen, via the efforts of such a sector to light the country with its luminous lamps in cultural, political, economic and social areas. The newspaper has been working hard to raise cultural awareness among Yemenis and bring up a well-cultured generation.

Its success stems from its base and its widely known that no glory can be attained without having the taste of risks and hardships. The late Dr. Abdulaziz al-Saqqaf, who is still the title of success of such a pioneering newspaper, discussed a variety of issues with independence and objectivity.

He was patriotic and defended his country in all international conference, and this made the Yemeni population respects him highly, alive or dead. Out of this newspaper, he made a strong voice criticizing corruption bravely without fear. Out of the Yemen Times, he could make the defense voice that defends human rights, freedoms of expression and civil society organizations.

By virtue of its own resources and efforts, the Yemen Times proved able to introduce Yemen to others with transparency and promote its tourism. Its articles and news, especially those on its web site, are read by thousands, which attracts many foreigners to visit Yemen and enjoy seeing its natural attractions.

Over its history, the Yemen Times has endured difficult situations and proved to be patient and tolerant by virtue of its staff, making up admirable stories of success.

The death of its founder has only compelled the staff to be more enthusiastic to carry the mission on making it biweekly to cope with whatever changes of may come with the era.