14th Arab National Conference concluded [Archives:2003/645/Front Page]

June 26 2003

SANA'A, June 24- The 14th Arab National Conference is to conclude its activities June 26 in Sana'a in Sanaa with a declaration that was seen by many observers as weak and unsatisfactory.
A comprehensive and extensive report was presented by the General Assembly of the Arab National Conference stating what is seen as the main reason behind the Arabs' weak stance.
On his part, the Prime Minister, Dr. Abdulkader Bajammal delivered a speech focused on the possibility of forming a modern reality for the Arab nation politically, economically, scientifically and culturally in order to include both originality and modernity with a view of resisting nation's challenges, preserving its rights, defending its entity and preserving its cultural heritage.
In his speech, the prime minister also dealt with the current Mideast developments in Iraq and Palestine.
“Current developments represent a historical focal point and a hard test for the nation's will. Our nation have shown an adherence and patience through long struggles for getting the deserved rights,” the premier said.
During the inaugural ceremony, the Arab National Conference Secretary General, Mr. Dhia Addin said that the conference was held in this difficult and critical time in Sanaa, the capital of civilization, history and unity which signifies the Arab dream in a comprehensive and strong unity.
More than 150 Arab prominent figures attended the conference including Shiekh, Abdullah Bin Hussien Al-Ahmar, Dr. Abdulaziz Abdulghani, Dr. Abdulkareem al-Eriani and a host of other ministers and officials plus several prominent Arab personalities.