17 Journalists Back Home [Archives:2001/21/Local News]

May 21 2001

Informed sources disclosed that preparations for the return of 17 journalists who escaped Yemen after the Civil War of 1994 have been completed. These journalists left the country along with some politicians and military personnel after the defeat of the YSP. The journalists thought they would be held accountable for leading the media barrage of the YSP against the GPC during the political crisis and war, though no sentences were passed against them. 
The sources added that Mr. Mahboob Ali, president of Yemeni Journalists Syndicate will fly to Cairo during the coming few days to finalize the arrangements of their return home. They are expected to go back to their work, receive their salaries during this period and get housing guarantees. 
Some of these journalists worked with” Al-Wathiqa” newspaper that was published in Cyprus as the mouthpiece of the Yemeni Front Opposition(MOWJ). But after signing the border agreement between Yemen and Saudi Arabia last June, the leader of MOWJ, Abdulrahman al-Jefri halted the activities of MOWJ and closed down the newspaper. 
Political observers believe the return of these journalists aims at weakening the opposition outside.