17 Killed in a Deadly Military HeliCopter Crash In Hadhramout [Archives:1999/33/Front Page]

August 16 1999

HADHRAMOUT: During its flight towards Al-Abr from Hadhramout in an inspection mission, a military helicopter crashed Saturday evening around 3:45 pm. On board of the plane were: 
-Staff Brigadier Mr. Ahmad Bin Ahmad Faraj, Deputy Chief of Staff 
-Staff Brigadier Mohammad Ahmad Ismail, Commander of the Military Eastern Region 
-Staff Brigadier Awad Mohammad Al-Sunaidy 
-Staff Colonel Ahmad Ali Sayfan 
-Staff Colonel Ahmad Noman Al-Mashriqi 
plus 12 other military officers including the plane crew members. All 17 were killed during the tragic incident. Even though the exact cause of the crash is still unknown, it is likely that bad weather was the reason behind the crash, although later investigations suggest that the actual reason was a technical error. A special committee was formed to investigate the incident. The top-ranking officers that died in the crash were among the most influential military leaders in the republic who have played a major role in the bringing the 1994 civil war to an end. 
The funeral of the dead is scheduled to take place today.