17 new ministers assigned, 16 old ministers removedNew faces, same challenges [Archives:2003/636/Front Page]

May 12 2003

Mohammed Al-Qadhi
President Ali Abdullah Saleh issued a republican decree last Saturday concerning the formation of the new government headed by Abdulqader Ba Jammal. The government is formed of 35 ministers, 17 of them new, including a new female minister. Fifteen ministers retained their positions, mainly the ministers of Foreign Affairs, Interior, Information, Finance, Planning, Youth and Sports, Communications and one of the previous ministers has been shifted to another ministry. A new ministry for water was formed and joined with environment while that of electricity has become independent. The culture ministry has been merged with that of tourism which used to form a ministry with environment. Ten ministers of those who lost their posts were appointed members of the Shura council. President Saleh said last week that the new government should be set of highly educated and able young people. The priorities of the new government would be fighting poverty, reforming education and continue to fight against terror. There are of course, other challenges like unemployment, fighting lawlessness, corruption and lack of security and justice and many other issues. The Yemeni people expect from this new government to address these issues.
However, despite the fact that there are many new faces in the new government, yet analysts expressed disappointed and say that the change was not based on qualifications or to bring new blood.
It was rather based on how successful those ministers were in campaigning for the GPC and winning the public votes in the latest parliamentary elections.
President Saleh also issued a republican decree appointing Salem Saleh Mohammed, former member of the presidential council, as advisor to the president of the republic.

For the complete list of members of the new government, go to http://yementimes.com/ministers.htm

Those who lost their positions and became members of the Shura council are:
1- Mohammed Abdullah al-Betani
2- Abdullah Ahmad Ghanim
3- Abdulraham Mohammed Ali Othman
4- Mohsen al-Yusufi
5- Ahmad Salem al-Jabali
6- Ali Hasan al-Ahmadi
7- Fadhal Abu Ghanim
8- Ahmad Akabat
9- Yahya al-Abyadh
10- Saeed Yafee