1st-Class League Football Tournament [Archives:1998/07/Sports]

February 16 1998

Starts Next March
The Yemeni Football Association decided in its last meeting that the 1st-Class Football League Tournament, in which 18 teams will take part, will start on March 14th, 1998. Matches will take place in Aden, Sanaa, and Hodeida. 1- 1st Group: Shaab, Shurta, Fat’h of Dhamar, Saqar of Taiz, Mukallah, and Shabab Al-Jeel of Hodeida. Matches to be held in Sanaa. 2- 2nd Group: Wahda of Aden, Yarmook of Sanaa, Tadhamun of Hadhramaut, Rasheed, and Al-Jeel Al-Sa’id. Matches to be held in Aden. 3- 3rd Group: Hilal, Minaa, Fahman, Al-Majd, Shabab Al-Baidha, Taleea of or Sharara of Shabwa. Matches will be held in Hodeida. The first-stage matches will be held on one-round basis in the cities mentioned above. The first and second two teams will qualify from each group. The teams that comes last will be relegated to the 2n-Class League. The second-stage matches will be held later on among the six qualified teams in the form of a complete tournament. The top four teams will qualify to become in the Excellent League.