1st photos of detained Yemenis [Archives:2002/07/Front Page]

February 11 2002

The Yemen Times has obtained exclusive photos of dozens of detainees thought to be in Guantanamo last week. The photos include a number of Yemenis captured at the defeat of the Taliban forces at the end of last year.
The sources of the photos revealed that the detainees were arrested while they were attempting to enter Pakistani borders through the Najarhar province of Afghanistan.
According to sources, there were several Yemenis among those captured by Pakistani authorities, who were later given to the USA.
The detainees were then flown to Guant?namo base in Cuba where they are now being held.
Four photos given to YT are of three Yemenis with their associated nicknames. Their original names were not provided.
The Yemenis are: Al-Bara Al-Abi Al-Sanaani, Huthaifa Al-Sanaani, Abu Mundhir Al-Yamani, and Ghareeb Al-Sanaani.