1st Universities Sports Federation Elected [Archives:1998/28/Sports]

July 13 1998

The meetings of the general assembly of the Yemeni universities, held during 5-9 July, were concluded last Thursday at the Faculty of Agriculture in Sanaa. The participants discussed the constitution, the technical regulations and the future plans of the assembly.
At the end of the meetings, the first Yemeni universities sports federation was elected as follows:-
1- Dr. Fadhl Abu Ghanem as the president of the federation;
2- Faraj Abdulrahman B-Yusef as the vice-president;
3- Samir Al-Qaar as a secretary general;
4- Ali Ghaleb as the training and qualifying officer;
5- Dr. Shayef Abdo Salem as the foreign affairs officer;
6- Abdulwahed Atiq as the deputy secretary general; and
7- Mustafah Saeed Naser as a member.
Mr. Samir Al-Qaar, the head of sport activities in Sanaa University and the secretary of the first Yemeni Universities sports federation told Yemen Times: “Establishing such a federation will unify the sports activities at Yemeni universities, which helps develop the university sports activities through selecting the best sports people in Yemeni universities. It can also help form a university team to represent Yemen at international and Arab championships.”