2.5% Population Growth Rate in Yemen [Archives:2001/30/Local News]

July 23 2001

In a Yemeni population census, conducted by specialists in population studies, on the number of new births in Yemen it has been unveiled that about 1200 new births take place in a daily basis in Yemen at the rate of 50 new births per hour or 36 thousands new births i.e. 432 thousands new births each year. This means that the fertility rate in Yemen is about 2.5 percent which is the second highest rate in the world following that of Saudi Arabia which has a population growth rate of 4 percent, in other word, the highest population growth rate in the world. It is noteworthy that the population growth rate in China, the world most populated country, is 1.2% ; meanwhile the population growth rate in most of the Arab states does not exceed 3 percent.