2-day Symposium held in Aden University:State’s economic policy assessed [Archives:2003/643/Local News]

June 19 2003

The First Annual Scientific Symposium dedicated to the evaluation and upgrade of the efficiency of the state's economic policy was concluded on June 17 at the Conferences Hall of Aden University. The state's economic policy was dependent on encouraging investments and use of the free zone for the benefit of Yemen's economic development. The symposium aimed basically at finding out suitable mechanisms for partnership with foreign companies and the possibility of establishing gigantic joint enterprises and conducting analysis for the actual accomplishments in investments and in establishing the infrastructure for the interest of the Aden Free Zone.
The symposium was also aimed at finding investment opportunities, running enterprises properly and attracting job-related skills from Yemeni university graduates. During a 2-day symposium, a number of working papers were presented by a host of eminent professors of a number of Yemeni universities. The symposium was attended by Dr. Abdulkareem al-Iriani, the Political Advisor of the President and the Secretary General of the People General Congress, Dr. Yahya Al-Shuabi Aden governor, Dr. Saleh Basura Aden University Rector, and Mr. Mohammed Abduh Saeed, a member of the parliament along with many other important personalities.