2 Killed and 3 Injured in a Booby-trapped Car Incident in Sanaa [Archives:2001/50/Front Page]

December 10 2001

Two persons were killed and three others injured in a bomb car accident in al-Hassaba area to the north of the capital on Saturday night. The accident occurred in a Toyota car while it was passing near the Veterinary School in al-Hassaba district at six oclock Sanaa local time, according to an eyewitness. The eyewitness added that the explosion resulted in the death of two and injury of three others who were in the car. The explosion was so powerful to be heard in nearby areas, as police forces rushed to the area for investigation.
A source at the Criminal Investigation Police said that the bomb might have been previously planted in the car with the view of bombing a certain target; however, it blew up the car and the people inside. The source further added that facts related to the incident are still unclear and that investigations currently conducted may unveil other facts.
Yemen has witnessed a series of explosions that have targeted several areas nationwide such as Aden, Lahaj, Hadramaut and Sanaa, but no casualties had been reported during these incidents.