2 killed in tribal attack at a Kholan check point [Archives:2005/857/Local News]

July 7 2005

A republican guard soldier and a civilian were killed in Al-kalieb check point in Marib – Kholan road last Monday. A soldier was also injured.

The incident happened when Ahmed Al-sagaf who was waiting at the check point, opened fire on a car belonging to Al-mosama tribe. This tribe has revenge cases with Al-sagaf tribe.

An armed group came down from the car and started opening fire on the check point. Al-sagaf was killed and one of the republican guard soldiers was injured.

The dispute between the two tribes goes back to the revenge case between Al-sagaf and Al-mosama tribes in Ma'arib.

The republican guard, which has a number of check points in Ma'arib, is now carrying out an arrest campaign among the two tribes.

Tribes' men used lately to wait in the check points to ambush their opponents.

Ma'arib tragic events were a result of an ambush near one of the military check points in Al-jof governorate.