2 killed in tribal clashes [Archives:2004/714/Local News]

February 23 2004

Hassan Al-Zaidi
Two tribesmen were killed and five injured last Wednesday when a tribal conflict broke out between members of Al Shawoon tribe, which is one of the tribes of Obeida of Mareb.
The conflict, which lasted one day was carried out using light and heavy weapons of different types and had women among its injured persons. Mediations are expected to continue to ensure that fighting will not resume between the members, who will probably fall in a cycle of revenge.
Tribal leaders have also expressed their unwillingness to allow security forces to resolve the issue or interfere in any way saying that compensations for casualties will be arranged internally within the tribe.
Some sources in the tribe attribute the cause of the fight to political party-related differences between the fighting sides as they have learned that the two fighting groups belonged to different political parties, mainly the ruling party the GPC and the main opposition party Islah.