2 Million USD, a new Japanese donation [Archives:2004/723/Local News]

March 25 2004

Mohammed bin Sallam
The Japanese Ambassador, Mr. Yuichi Ishii, during the Press Conference held on Wednesday 17 March, referred to the volume of Japanese assistance presented to development projects in Yemen in general and donations presented to private projects in particular.
The Ambassador confirmed that Japanese assistance are at the core of the excellent relations between the two countries and hoped that the Yemeni people would be well informed of the level of Japanese cooperation through the various media organizations.
The Ambassador signed five agreements, with a number of non-governmental organizations and local councils, within the frame of the Japanese programs to private projects, to implement five projects this year at a cost of 300 Thousand USD. 10 programs at a cost of 565 Thousand USD were implemented last year.
The Embassy of Japan will sign an agreement next week for the rehabilitation of victims of landmines at a cost of 435 Thousand USD.
The Ambassador, in reply to Yemen Times question about the US Project, the so-called “The Big Middle East”, said that the US project has not been officially offered and could not be judged only on the reports of the media. Personally, before talks about the Big Middle East, the Arab-Israeli conflict should be resolved and settled, said the Ambassador.