20 Judges Dismissed, 108 retired [Archives:2001/36/Front Page]

September 3 2001

The Yemeni Supreme Legislative Council headed by President Ali Abdullah Saleh decided last Tuesday to dismiss 20 judges and members of prosecution charged with corruption. It also decided retiring 108 others. It recommended that 500 graduates of law faculties with an overall very good grade to join the legislative sector. 
President Saleh issued several republican decrees concerning the appointment of new judges and prosecutors, as well as moving others to different posts. The council recommended that some other judges and prosecutors be held accountable by the Accountability Council. 
The Minister of Justice has been authorized to conduct a plan of action for inspection into the legislative sector. The Minister already said that radical reform has to be conducted in the legislative sector pointing out that some judges have to be held accountable because of dishonesty in fulfilling their responsibilities and others have to be swept away as they are too weak. 
Observers showed resentment with this change drive in the legislative sector and said that more judges and prosecutors should have been dismissed. This is because reforming this sector will yield fruits as the pressure of a good fair and just legislature will encourage investors to flow to the country.