20 Killed in Deadly Crash [Archives:2001/33/Front Page]

August 13 2001

A traffic accident occurred in Hodeidah Friday morning 10 August, 2001 when two vehicles crashed near al-Qanawis area at Hodeidah-Harath highway. Director-General of Hodeidah Traffic Department stated that the two vehicles were driving at two opposing directions before they crashed. The first vehicle was a medium-sized bus heading toward Hodeidah with 20 passengers and the other was a Nissan lorry whose front tire exploded and came out of control leading to its collision with the passenger bus.
The crash resulted in the deaths of all the passengers and the bus’ s driver. Following the collision just two persons could be identified, while the rest still remain unidentified. The Director-General of Hodeidah Traffic Department attributed the incident to the non-observance of traffic rules and the over-speeding.