20 Killed in Shara’ab [Archives:2000/20/Front Page]

May 15 2000

Clashes between Bani Sari tribe and Al-Amjoud in Shara’ab have resulted in 20 deaths and a number of injuries from both sides. The clashes broke out after Sheikh Mohammed Abdulaziz, Sheikh of Al-Amjoud, killed a tribesman from Bani Sari a month ago. The victims’ relatives complained to the Criminal Investigation office in Taiz that arrested the Sheikh. However, he was released two days later. “What has made things worse,” an informed source told the Yemen Times, ” is the involvement of political figures in the conflict,” he added. According to him, a number of Socialists headed by Mohammed Saddam supported the stand of the victims’ relatives while sheikh Mohammed Abdulaziz was supported by the Islah Party to which he belongs. Strangely enough, the local authorities did not move a finger to stop the bloodshed. Al-Hurriyah road in Shara’ab is still blocked as the tribesmen continue the clashes.