20 ready for suicide operations in IraqWomen stand in Jihad’s line [Archives:2003/629/Local News]

March 31 2003

Hundreds of Yemeni women protested in Sanaa Saturday the US-led war against Iraq and demanded the Yemeni government to stop all sorts of cooperation with countries participating in or supporting this war, while around 20 women declared they would go to Iraq to carry out suicidal attacks against US and UK troops.
The protestors gathered around at Al-Tahreer Square, where speeches against the war were delivered by several prominent women. They carried posters denouncing the war, demanding the Arab leaders to wake up and do something to stop the massacres the US-UK troops are carrying out against innocent people in Iraq. They demanded that all contacts with the USA and Britain be stopped immediately and opening borders for fighters to defend Iraq.
Some 20 women came with white coffins marked with blood. “I am prepared to go and perform martyrdom and defend my brothers in Iraq. I am prepared for death”, one of these women told the Yemen Times.
It was announced during the ceremony that many of these demonstrators donated their jewels and properties for Iraqi people. They said this is a stupid war aiming to blunder the oil and resources of the Iraqi people and that it will start in Baghdad but it will never end if no serious action is taken to stop the barbaric invaders.
The protesters demanded, in a press statement, the Yemeni authorities to stop all facilities offered to the attackers, closing the Al-Mandab routes through which the warships pass. They also demanded that the ambassadors of the invading countries be expelled and oil deals with these countries terminated. They also requested that authorities provide easy access for fighters willing to reach Iraq to fight alongside the Iraqi people. They warned the political regime in Yemen not to distant itself from the people, and instead resisting US pressure and standing for Iraq. They said only then will the ruling party gain their votes in the upcoming parliamentary elections scheduled for less than a month from now.
The protesters wanted to march to the UK embassy but riot police prevented them from approaching the embassy's building. The protest later ended peacefully.