2002 Person of the Year [Archives:2003/01/Front Page]

January 6 2003


Shawqi Ahmed Hayel Saeed Ana’am, a prominent personality from Taiz has been named the Yemen Times’ 2002 Man of the Year.
Shawqi, 41, is respected by many young Yemenis throughout the country for his support of youth programming.
With a bachelor degree in management and accounting from the University of California, Shawqi has succeeded in his personal life and his business career.
His Man of the Year honors come, however, for his efforts to enhance sports and youth activities throughout Yemen.
His involvement in the local council in Taiz during 2002 enabled him to provide Taiz City with various development and economic projects such as the pavement of internal streets in the Cairo district.
Taiz citizens have expressed often their appreciation for Shawqi’s role in supporting the young community with equipment, funds, training facilities and moral encouragement and motivation.
His support resulted in the rise of national football stars that competed in international events and gained respectable ranks, including being runner-up in the now disputed 2002 Under-17 Asian Championship.
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