2003 budget is allocated [Archives:2003/02/Business & Economy]

January 13 2003

Yemen’s government has increased its investment program for 2003 by crediting an amount of YR 294 billion.
Of this amount 64 per cent is government funding and domestic loans and 36 per cent is external loans and assistance.
The government allotted YR 11 billion for agriculture and fish for the purpose of boosting agricultural and fish production and developing their exports.
According to an official report the agricultural and fish projects include diversion and storage dams for expansion in arable lands and building agricultural projects, in addition to supporting botanical and animal production and improving seeds and developing means of fishery.
For the sector of energy and industry,YR 100 billion is allocated This sector includes projects in the fields of oil and minerals, industry and trade and electricity and waters.
The amounts of money would be allocated to expanding the power networks supplying some industries, inaugurating new production lines, regulating activity of some industries and introducing modern ways to some establishments.
In 2003, projects of energy and industry would also include strengthening the capacity of power generation and developing power networks in the cities.
Industrially, the projects would focus on building sewage system networks and extending pure water services to the governorates.
Public works, transport and communications investment in 2003 will be amounted 54 billion.
This sector represents a social dimension because of its being associated with public works and development upgrading through linking the country with infrastructure and communications.
The government in this respect intends to continue efforts for paving roads and increasing road-networks in the governorates. The government has also decided to buy an overland transport fleet for activating trade movement and developing sea ports, besides opening new ports and developing air freight.
The government intends also to develop postal communications and services to cover all areas of the republic.
As for social services, YR 109 billion us allocated.
The allocation is distributed on higher education, technical education and public health and population.
Finally, the investment program has credited YR 82 billion for the sectors of public administration, among which are tourism, environment, information, civil service, planning, finance and projects and programs on combating poverty and networks of social safety.