2005 Ramadan aid campaign [Archives:2005/885/Local News]

October 13 2005

The Turkish International School in Sana'a is organising a charity and food package delivery program this year for the people in need. The campaign is planning to reach more than 2000. determined in advance, families in need. For the families indicated by the Aid Campaign Committee an arranged food package will be distributed by the school staff and the students. The aid package contains 5 kgs of rice, 5 kgs of sugar,, 5 kgs of flour, 4 liters oil, 2 kgs dates, 12 cans of beans and one box of chocolate.

The Aid Campaign Committee visited the Yemen Times and talked about their remarkable initiative. Ali Omar Abdo Kauid of the students in the committee said that they are very happy to participate in this initiative and that they feel it is their duty to help their community. They had gone to well-wishers and merchants and asked them for their support. He commented: “We have started distributing these aids to many poor families in Sana'a. Our teachers helped us locate the poor families and we coordinated with many charities so as to create the maximum impact of our initiative.”

Ibtisam Abdullah al-Zouba of the same committee said that the Turkish school has started this initiative especially in this holy month were they realised that there are many people who could use their support. “It is all made of personal initiatives, we take from our time, effort and money to try and make a difference. We are aiming at providing the poor families with school bags so as to encourage education in the future. We hope that people who read about our initiative would cooperate with us.” She said.

If you are interested in supporting this campaign, please send an email to [email protected], or [email protected] else contact the school through phone number: +967-1-448258.