202 companies participate in International Trade Fair in Sana’a [Archives:2004/746/Business & Economy]

June 14 2004

Owners of Yemeni companies have managed to promote their products at the 6th International Trade Fair concluded in Sana'a recently. The Fair is considered successful in that of enhancing trade exchange between Yemen and the Arab countries that took part in it through products exhibited at specialized pavilions at Shumaila International market.
Yemeni businessmen said despite of some difficulties facing national products many of the private sector companies have taken part in the fair and conducted dialogue with Arab and foreign businessmen focused on ways of consolidating trade exchange between Yemen and their respective countries.
Among the fair's pavilions the Emirates' was rather distinguished in its exhibits and intensive presence. The United Arab Emirates Pavilion at the International Fair contained 35 factories mainly in fields of aluminum, the technology of aluminum industrialization, plastics, supplies of petroleum stations, light poles, water desalination technology and food products.
Director of the UAE pavilion Hussein Sha'ban said participation in the fair for the third year stemmed from the keenness on strengthening relations with the Yemeni market. He added that the Emirates participation in the 6th fair was distinguished by the eye-catching presence of the Emirates Airways, the official sponsor of the Emirates pavilion and the major participants in it, in addition to the Ajman Chambers of Commerce and Industry. The pavilion included light industries such as regulators, paper industries and some construction materials.
Yemeni businessmen talked about horizons of trade cooperation with the Emirates part, confirming that the exhibits of those participating in the Emirates pavilion would double the increase of bonds of cooperation between the two sides and coordination in various areas. They also said they had informed the Emirates businessmen on Yemeni products for the purpose of building bridges of trade integration between the two sides, in addition to the agreement on making the Yemeni public aware of the Emirates products.
202 industrial companies had taken part in the 6th International Trade Fair in Sana'a representing 16 Arab and foreign countries, in addition to the participation of a number of Yemeni companies. Yemeni businessmen had paid special interest to participants in the Palestinian pavilion and that was for encouraging and supporting the Palestinian economy and providing elements of support via enhancement of trading relations with the Palestinian side.