20th Week of Excellent-Division Football Tournament: Struggle to the Top [Archives:1998/17/Sports]

April 27 1998

The 20th week of the excellent-division football tournament was characterized by a lot of excitement, considering that the tournament will be concluded by the end of its 22nd week.
All expectations of the Wahda team getting to the top came to nothing when it was defeated by Hassan 1-nil, leaving Wahda with 24 points only. The Ahli of Sanaa, on the other hand surprised its old rival by defeating the Taliah of Taiz 5-nil, increasing its credit to 41 points. Thus it has become a real threat to Wahda’s ambitions to win the tournament.

Zuhra was able to stop the advance of Shoula by tying 4-4 to share the points and end up with 21 points and Shoula with 38. Ahli of Hodeida has renewed its hopes to remain in the excellent division after defeating Shamsan 2-nil, thus increasing its credit to 16 points and diminishing Shamsan’s chances of remaining in the same division. Shamsan is now at the bottom of the excellent division. It is very likely that it will slip to the first-class division.
On its homeground, the Ittihad of Ibb was able take revenge of the Shaab of Mukallah by winning 2-1, increasing its credit to 23 points and leaving Shaab in limbo with 25 points.
In Aden, the Shaab of Ibb continued its victories by defeating Tilal 2-1 and raising its credit to 40 points, thus proving to be a worthy contender against Ahli and Wahda to reach the top. Tilal is left with 27 points only.
The next few weeks will be filled with surprises, considering that the two rivals – Wahda and Ahli – are running neck and neck.