21 Indonesian students released [Archives:2002/07/Front Page]

February 11 2002

The Indonesian Embassy in Sana’a issued a statement February 2 2002 notifying that 21 Indonesian students were released following the recent meeting of the Indonesian Ambassador with the Vice Interior Minister, Motahar Al-Masri.
The Indonesian Ambassador said he felt regret for the arrests without the Embassy’s notification, considering such procedures as against international law. Meanwhile, the Vice-Interior Minister stated that the Yemeni government has been exerting efforts to consolidate stability and safety, particularly after the September 11 terrorist attacks in the US.
He added that the arrests were a mere equivocation, and that they had no links with political affairs or terrorist acts.
In this regard, the Yemeni government has allowed 21 students to continue their studies in Tareem.
He added that others totaling 20 students who study at Dar al-Hadeeth in Marib and Sada’a are going to be set free after they get their tickets back home.
The Vice-Interior Minister has showed his readiness to inform the Prime Minister and Foreign Minister about the possibility of moving the students who study in Marib and Sada’a to recognized educational institutions.