21 killed in a horrible traffic accident [Archives:2004/727/Front Page]

April 8 2004

Yemen Times Staff
Twenty one Yemeni citizens were killed and more than 54 injured last Tuesday in a horrific traffic accident in Yareem, Ibb governorate, a local official said. The accident resulted from the crash of a tanker carrying containers crashed into a qat souq (traditional market), smashing four cars full of people and damaging other shops when its driver lost control of his vehicle's brakes.
An official told Yemen Times the accident caused 65 casualties, including 21 deaths. The death toll is expected to go up. He said that the rescue operation continued for over 3 hours.
Yemen is one of the top countries in number of traffic accidents commensurate to population. It was reported that 28 people were killed last week because of a number of traffic accidents but the accident of last Tuesday was among the most terrifying of its kind. The traffic authorities say that neck-breaking speed, reckless driving, and lack of maintenance of vehicles are among the main reasons behind the problem.