21 Sa’ada charitable societies shut down [Archives:2005/856/Local News]

July 4 2005

SA'ADA- The Yemeni authorities last month closed 21 charitable and private societies in Sa'ada on charge of exploiting their activities in supporting al-Houthi's insurgency.

Mirran Charitable Society, which was led by slain cleric Hussein Badraddin al-Houthi before he was killed in September last year, topped the list of the targeted societies.

The Yemeni authorities accused people running these societies, some of whom were arrested, of exploiting activities of their societies to spread political and sectarian thoughts against the law.

According to the government, these people practice illegal activities and collect money for supporting al-Houthi's rebellion in the guise of charitable works.

The Sa'ada security forces stormed all the head-offices of these societies, shut them down, invalidated their permissions and froze their assets and financial accounts.