23-24 August 1998: Judgement Day on Hunaish [Archives:1998/33/Front Page]

August 17 1998

We are getting close. The Court of Arbitration on the Yemeni-Eritrean dispute over the islands of the southern Red Sea will reach its verdict in London on 23-24 August, 1998. The court will not announce the verdict, but will simply hand it down to the two parties, and the UN.
The court’s decision will cover sovereignty over some 35 islands in the southern Red Sea, including Zubair, Hunaish-Zuqar, Muhabbaka and other archipelagoes. Although the core disputes is about the Hunaish-Zuqar archipelago, both sides have claimed additional islands, even those they fully know they belong to the other side. The fatly-paid lawyers claim this to be a good adjudication tactic.
The next step after the verdict will be for the Court to define the maritime boundaries and the territorial waters of the two countries.