25 educational social workers in Marib trained in social welfare [Archives:2005/874/Local News]

September 5 2005

A course for 25 officials from the educational office in Marib, kicked off last Saturday and will continue until the 8th of Sep. This course concentrates on the community participation in educational process by activating the parents' councils.

Mr. Ahmed Bin Saad General manager of the Educational office in Marib confirmed that this course comes in coordination between their office and the German project for Basic Education (GTZ).

He said that their office is seeking to develop and reform the educational process by upgrading educational personell and enrolling the community in this process.

Mr. Bin Saad expressed gratitude to the (GTZ) project for their efforts in upgrading education in this governorate. He requested all the organizations and other concerned bodies to support education in this remote area, especially basic and secondary girl's education.

He confirmed that though the rates of girls enrolment gives good indications, but it still needs support, namely in furnishing the necessary needs that motivate girl's education.