25 Killed & 130 Injured in Tribal Clashes [Archives:2001/34/Front Page]

August 20 2001

Sheikhs belonging to the Wadeah tribe appealed to the President of the Republic to mediate between the Wadeah and Al-Oseimat tribes. Sources said that around 120 were killed and 130 were seriously injured after serious clashes between both tribes are reported to have used different types of light and heavy weaponry, such as machine guns and portable missiles. Attempts by the House Speaker, Shiekh Abdullah Bin Hussien, together with Shiekh Abdulmajeed al-Zandani and Shiekh Omar Ahmad Saif have been made to settle the dispute between the two sides. Unfortunately, they have hit a dead end. The source also said that the government has not so far taken action to stop the blood-shed there and added that both tribes have been supported and financed by the government.