25 Mech. Brigade Commander’s Nephew Kidnapped Mediations to release the kidnapped Sanhani teenagers failed [Archives:2001/21/Local News]

May 21 2001

Mediation attempts to release the five Sanhani teenagers, kidnapped ten days ago by a group from Aal Al-Zaidi tribe were unsuccessful. Military attacks at the kidnappers’ village reportedly carried out by the 25th Mechanized Brigade, stopped last Monday after another group of Al-Zaidi kidnapped the nephew of Brigadier Nahshal, commander of the brigade, raising the number of kidnapped teenagers to 6. 
While inhabitants of the Serwah area are still appealing for quick interference to save their lives, the kidnappers re-stressed their stance not to release any of the kidnapped unless they are compensated for the damage to their property during similar military attacks in June 2000.