25% of Yemenis carry virus B and 5% carry virus CQat the cause of 90% of liver diseases in Yemen [Archives:2005/849/Health]

June 9 2005

By Amel Mohammed Al-Ariqi
Yemen Times Staff

Liver diseases have become widespread through the whole world. However, the situation exacerbates when a country like Yemen undergoes difficult economic and health circumstances. Dr. Mohammed Salm Numan, professor of liver diseases and digestive system, and the director of the Liver Unit in Al-Gumhory hospital, talked to “Yemen Times”” about the current situation of liver diseases in Yemen .

Q: What are the most common liver diseases in Yemen?

A: Liver diseases spread recently in Yemen. nd that reflects the environment and the pollution of the environment in the country. Liver diseases are the results of the pollution in nourishment