26 September Revolution’s 44th Anniversary marked [Archives:2006/985/Front Page]

September 28 2006

By:Ismail Al-Ghabri
SANA'A, Sept. 26 ) Yemeni people nationwide marked the 44th anniversary of the 26 September 1962 Revolution. The event's torch was kindled the day before in Al-Tahrir Squarein Sana'a in the presence of more than 500 youths from different governorates.

Staff Gen. Ahmad Ali Al-Ashwal, Defence Ministry Chief of Staff, Abdurrahman Al-Akwa'a, Minister of Youth and Sports and Dr. Yahya Al-Shu'aibi, Minister of State and Secretary-General of the Capital kindled the 44th Anniversary torch.

Then members of the scout movement chanted the National anthem while Al-Ashwal paid tribute to martyrs who revolted against the oppressive regime and fixed posts of the immortal revolution and whose blood lit the paths to freedom, independence and unity.

Yemeni people marked the event in different cities nationwide.

The Immortal Revolution broke out on September 26, 1962 and overthrew the rule of Imamate that forced Yemenis to live in illiteracy and isolation from the outer world.

Prior to September 26, 1962, many liberals organized several coupe attempts culminating with the Revolution that replaced the rule of Imamate by the republican regime. During the rule of Imamate the country lacked all the components of political, social and economic life.

The first Leadership Council was formed immediately after the Revolution broke out under the Late President Abdullah Al-Sallal and some of his contemporary liberals who revolted against the tyrannous Imamate.