2nd Arab forum for world specifications meetings concluded [Archives:2003/671/Local News]

September 25 2003

Ridhwan Al-Saqqaf
Aden, 24 Sept.- The second Arab forum for world specifications for Arab universities concluded its meetings in Aden on Wednesday. The forum had discussed over two days a number of premises among them university administration and contemporary challenges and the role of university performance.
The Arab organisation for administrative development had Tuesday opened the forum under auspices of the Yemeni minister of higher education Dr Abdulwahab Raweh and in coordination with the university of Aden.
A number of academic leaders in Arab universities, representing Jordan, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Palestine, Lebanon, Libya, Egypt and Yemen had participated in the meetings. Also attending the meetings were deputy minister of higher education Dr Mohammed Yahya Mutahar, Dr Mohammed bin Ibrahim Al-Tuwaijari the director general of the Arab organisation for administrative development, Dr Mohammed al-Tamamna the director of research and studies and general coordinator of the forum, president of Aden university Dr Abdulkareem Yahya, a number of professors, presidents of universities and directors general of the ministries in Aden governorate.
The addresses delivered at the forum had pointed out the importance of its convening in the city of Aden, the city of civilization and history.
Convening of the forum came in response to the essential and growing role of universities in qualification of human resources in a world characterized by speedy changes and the universities contribution to Arab economic and social development. Arab universities have also participated in diagnosing problems of the society and developing scientific research in the manner serving national goals.
A press conference was then held at Aden university where Mr al-Tuwaijiri, Dr al-Tamamna and Dr Abdulkareem Raseie president of Aden university had talked to media men on the organization's activities and future ambitions for creating a distinguished university cadre according to university specifications.