2nd World Water Forum at the Hague A Golden Opportunity for Yemen [Archives:2000/10/Front Page]

March 6 2000

Within less than two weeks, the International 2nd World Water Forum will be held at The Hague in the Netherlands. As a country with extremely critical water problems, this forum can be a great opportunity for the government to seek aid and trying to develop a quick solution to the expected water crisis. 
Mr. Anwar Al-Sahooly, Chairman of the Technical Secretariat of the Ministry of Electricity and Water will be representing Yemen in the forum, which is expected to host tens of countries concerned about their own water issues. 
Because of its great importance for the future of Yemen, Yemen Times will be covering this event directly from The Hague and reporting about the discussions and conclusions directly to the Yemeni reader through the newspaper and on the Internet site at www.yementimes.com 
The forum is seen by many experts to be a golden opportunity for Yemen to speak its mind, and begin to seek for a true solution to a problem that is causing unrest in several public and government levels.