2nd Yemeni-Canadian Medical Conference Concluded [Archives:2002/04/Health]

January 21 2002

The three-day activities of the Yemeni-Canadian medical Conference winded up last Tuesday in Taiz. The establishment of a national oncology program was the focal point of the conference, which was attended by the Minister of Health & Population, Abdulnassir al-Munibari. Al-Munibari highlighted, in his word, the Yemeni-Canadian medical cooperation.
Ahmed Hayel Saeed, Head of the Yemeni-Canadian Society for Medicine Education & Arts, addressed the conference, saying that “The choice of the theme was a good one, “The Rules of Establishing a National Program to Fight Cancer,” because our country badly needs such fields. “Many people in Yemen are suffering from this malignant disease,” he added.
Martin Robinson, Team-leader of the Canadian delegation, said, “We were first approached about 6 months ago to assist in fund-raising for a cancer in Yemen. He added that owing to their 13-year experience in Yemen, they felt it would be better to pursue an overall strategy for establishing a national cancer program which in the long-term would benefit the mass of Yemeni population. “Based on our experience and on the recommendations of the WHO, a central cancer center in Sana’a, with regional centers in Taiz, Aden and Mukalla would be a viable alternative for Yemen,” he advised.
It is worth mentioning that the visits of the Canadian medical team started 13 years ago. The Canadian medical delegation is scheduled to carry out several cancer operations in Mukalla, Taiz and Aden.