3 landmarks bombed [Archives:2003/01/Local News]

January 6 2003

Three landmarks were bombed by tribesmen at Waela tribe last Friday, a source told the Yemen Times.
The landmarks have been recently fixed by the German border demarcation company. The tribe claims the possession of those areas during the signing of demarcation of the Yemeni-Saudi borders.
It has to be mentioned here that violence, which occurred recently resulted in the injury of about 6 persons started when armed tribesmen from Dhu Hussein, Dahm al-Hamra’a attacked one of the sites of the German company demarcating the border Hansa Luftbeild at Shugat al-Waleed near Yateema area, Jawf governorate, 270 km to the north of the capital Sana’a.
The company has completed fitting border markings without meeting the tribe’s demands.