3,000 bombs destroyed in Aden [Archives:2006/981/Front Page]

September 14 2006

By:Ismail Al-Ghabri
ADEN, Sept. 13 ) Yemeni authorities in Aden destroyed 3,000 old bombs collected from Badr, Tariq and Hadid Mountain military camps in the desert near Lahj governorate's Al-Waht district.

All camps situated within Aden city were emptied of old bombs, which were collected at five points. According to Aden Governor Ahmed Al-Kuhlani, the collected and destroyed shells amounted to 3,000.

He also mentioned that Aden authorities are working on ridding the camps of all old shells, stressing that last Wednesday's explosion at a munitions storage on Hadid Mountain was caused by heat.

The incident claimed the lives of three individuals: two women and an elderly man. Additionally, the blast destroyed a nearby mosque, a building in Al-Muala and a house in Khour Maksar, as well as numerous other houses in various areas of Aden.

Al-Kuhlani added that authorities are financially compensating those affected by the incident, with damages being estimated by a field committee.

It isn't the first time explosions have occurred on Hadid Mountain, as similar explosions rocked the area following the 1994 Civil War. The cause of the most recent explosion hasn't been determined yet, but some attribute it to poor storage conditions, heat, weapons friction or an electrical fault.