34 traffic accidents over Eid in Taiz [Archives:2005/812/Local News]

January 31 2005

Taiz Bureau
A number of traffic accidents resulting in death tolls and loss of properties accured during the vacation of Eid al-Adha.

Col. Abdulkareem Wohaish, Deputy Director of Taiz Traffic Administration, said there were 34 traffic accidents in Taiz over the holiday.

He pointed out that the number of accidents this year was less than that of the previous year due to efforts exerted by the traffic administration in spreading awareness among people and instructing them how to abide by traffic regulations.

Three males and a female died in the accidents.

The loss of properties reached YR 2.7 million.

Wohaish added that the reasons behind such accidents are high speed driving and carelessness on the part of drivers as well as pedestrians.

He demanded drivers not to drive at break-neck speed and not to expose themselves and their cars to danger.

He hoped drivers to abide by traffic regulations either during vacations or other days.