35,000 Tons of Yemeni Oil Exported to Singapore [Archives:2001/12/Front Page]

March 19 2001

The Greek-flagged super tanker ” Beta Tanic” left the port of Aden Refinery on Thursday, carrying 35,000 tons of refined Yemeni oil to Singapore. A source at Aden port stated that the Greek tanker was just one of a number of super tankers to call at the Aden Refinery terminal last week. The tanker was 246.4 meters long, with a total loading capacity of around 111,189 thousand tons. 
On 15 March 2001, Aden’s container port at the free zone received container ships of various nationalities. They were Starlight River; Singapore-flag, Delphic Spirit; Cyprus-flag, Tiger Ocean; Singapore-flag and Kota Wajar; Singapore-flag, in addition to the Iranian tanker Munir Imad, all of which came from different world ports carrying hundreds of containers. On March 17, 2001 Aden container port received the container ships APL Diamond; Singapore-flag and Lisboa; Cyprus-flag. 
The source made it clear that 13,265 containers have been unloaded up until the first half of this month, while the number of tankers arriving at the port for the same period reached 30. He confirmed that March would witness an increase in the number of container ships and oil tankers, including super tankers, arriving at the port from various places around the world.